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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas bastards

In all Jerry Seinfeldiness, So what's with the arrogant bastards and the christmas baskets?

I have discovered recently, much to my surprise, I guess, that people (arrogant, self-important, self-indulgent...etc ones) take home baskets that are brought to their work.  Multi hundred dollar baskets brought by clients, or friends of the company, etc.  Not all people who take home christmas baskets are shitheads, mind you, but most seem to be.  These unrepentant fuckeos are known for such wonderful behaviour as; remove huge basket - help co-workers eat smaller basket - take another huge basket home - eat all of another smaller basket.  All one person.  Or, take home the only summammubitchin basket in the whole damn place, and then brag about it...on the air (radio DJ - which stands for douche jam (think toe jam and extrapolate if you will)).

This is amazing behaviour to me, I always feel a little embarassed if I eat candy or something that someone brought for everyone.  I might be a little repressed in that, but to just steal the whole fucking shebonk?  That's excessive.  Isn't this the time of year when everyone's sayin "you should be ...especially at this time of year!!!"  What the fuck is going on??? Is this happening all over?  These people have somehow escaped the snipers.  This must be remedied, IMMEDIATELY.

I am constantly irritated by the commercialization of christmas, everyone's kids come home with "Mom, I've gotta shell out 15 bucks for some unappreciative cock that is in my class due to the new christmas bullshit game - zimbabwean gift exchange -  and you and me will spend 9 hours trying not to kill/be killed in Walmart picking out the fucking present."  There's always some new style of lights to buy, some new greedy system that you must have...etc.   Christmas isn't about grab 'n' go to me, it's about warmth, happy, family, arguments, drinking, morning stocking silliness, and food.

But what do I know?


  1. Maybe these people will take home their baskets and eat themselves silly and explode from heart failure.

    I'm just saying... Karma can be a bitch.

    No really, Karma, go ahead, get bitchy about it!!!

  2. Bastards in my office take all the good shit home..after they let it sit out in the open for all to see (and not touch). Hell they even take home the stuff that is "for the office" and don't share...
    Snipe away, snipe away